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> ***What is Machinima101 and What Can I Expect?***, PLEASE READ THIS POST FIRST!
post Sep 7 2007, 09:17 PM
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The new Machinima101.com page has been created to get back to the grass-roots of the Machinima community and help those who may be looking for a little assistance here and there...(like the never ending question of HOW DO I RENDER!!) We will be pouring out as much as I can to assist you with:

  • Finding the coolest machinima
  • Learn some of the basics that are now becoming a strong part of machinima: Acting/Directing 101 (this was a large topic at this years Machinima film festival as machinima's technology has become great, it is turning full circle looking for knowledge for the basic 101's in Film/Acting/Directing)
  • How-to with certain editing techniques, programs to use, and studio setups
  • Suggested readings and articles on useful techniques/skills of the trade
While these are only some of the things this website will offer, one thing we look forward to the most is other people in the community sharing knowledge and techniques to help Machinima grow as an art form and a technical advancement. While we understand many people have their trade secrets, we firmly believe that Machinima today has and is taking steps to becoming very strong on its own, and if you have the right story, technique, and just the attitude of "I am going to go out and do something, create something, imagine something never done before" your work will be noticed, and you won't need a model viewer or a flashy vegas plugin, you just need your mind and the ability to apply your work to the cutting board. It is understood that while everyone competes to make another movie there is a certain "silence" within the community that does not allow for it to grow and learn. With that said, we hope that the Machinimists out there will share with everyone as much as they can so that as a whole the Machinima community can grow, instead of say, after the awards are handed out at the Mackies, the programs and tricks being used are then revealed.

There is no other way to really explain how everyone interacts here or how this site works than with examples. We will say this though; We want to bring you a comfortable coffee shop style environement where everyone can speak their mind. We try not to blow smoke up people's asses but we also consider the fact that many people put a LOT OF WORK into what they do and we do not want to take away from that. We are here to help and grow along with everyone else. Many people on this site have amazing backgrounds and talents in movie making, acting, directing, animation, etc etc. It would be a waste of resources if everyone just said, OooOo pretty!

But anyway here are the examples!

Example of the way people feel about this site:

Jo says, "While an instructional video explaining how to defend yourself against a crocadile can be quite entertaining, it is much different than let's say the movieBatman Returns. Neither is better than the other. They're just different. Much like a video explaining how to take down Netherspite is different from something like Snacky's Journal.
Machinima (muh-sheen-eh-mah) is filmmaking within a real-time, 3D virtual environment, often using 3D video-game technologies.

This forum, from what I've read, revolves more around the cinematic story telling platform machinima provides as well as different techniques on how to improve this form of story telling. I think that's all the prior posts were trying to explain."

Example's of Constructive Critiscism Interactions:

  1. http://www.machinima101.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=232
  2. http://www.machinima101.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=449
  • A user's Response to why he posts here: "no offense taken at all. the reason i post here..is to improve, which i have a lot of room to do so. i really appreciate all the criticism as harsh as it may be lol."
A Perfect example of all the different user's their backgrounds and their style of assistance(includes people such as StonefalconProductions):

"Making movies today is much harder because of the pressures of the fans wanting newer better stronger, what we hope to give people is hope that if your movie has a solid story a decent plot, compelling characters, etc etc modelviewer can come second or even take a backseat. Technology doesn't make the movie, many fundamental techniques have a role, such as acting, directing, voice over, and so on.

What the people here bring to the table other than "going to blizzcon" is a very strong background in all these fields. Snacky is in hollywood animation, I have directed off broadway shows, Deadworkers are a company and provide many tutorials to do what is done today. This doesn't put us above anyone but it does give us a foot forward when it comes to being able to try to put forward some advice.

And as with anything you can use what we say or take it with a grain of salt and show us all up :) We are all here to have fun and support what we love."

Just remember when you make your movie and are ready to post it, please don't say "I was tired so I was unable to give you the best I could do", make sure you are doing the best you can do and rock it out. If you can say 100% I am ready to show this video and I am content, well as much as you can for those of you who are perfectionists, than post, otherwise take a moment and reflect on you rmovie and see if you can improve!

Happy Filming!
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