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Full Version: "The Escort Quest.."
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A "Silent" movie, using music and intertitles, to tell the tale of a group of adventurers who agree to escort a dignitary to Theramore. This little production was inspired by the main theme, "St. Anne's Reel," performed by Dan Crary (Guitar), John Moore (Mandolin), Dennis Caplinger (Banjo), Byron Berline (Fiddle) and Bill Bryson (Bass).

I hope you all enjoy it :-)
Wasn't a bad machinima, and i kinda liked the idea with a Silent movie ;D

But for times to times he text went a bit too fast for us there reads a bit slower than the average human :p.

a great job makeing it ;D

Your comment is right on point with the single biggest issue producing this Machinima. I had a heck of a time trying to balance the amount of text on the intertitles vs. the time that the intertitle would be on screen. The music, as an old time song, has 'breaks,' during which a certain instrument plays the "lead," and each "break" was dedicated to a point of the story that I was trying to tell. This mean't that I had only a certain amount of time to address each point in the story. I found that if I left the intertitles on screen too long, the production became less interesting, but if I didn't, they were too hard to read. So I re-wrote the intertitles and/or adjusted the display length, over and over again.

The result was a bit of a 'compromise,' where most of the intertitles are readable, if a bit short. I gained a lot of respect for the movie pioneers who made "silent movies," back in the day by making this little production.
Heh, its always good to see something different from usual.

So keep up the good work is all i have to say, its clearly that you use much time on every part of your own Machinima, and thats just a thing there can lead to very good projects in the future ;)
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