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Full Version: A little experiment...
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It looks OK for me. I mean, it's far better than what I did before I guess.
It's basically an audio experiment with After Effects. I'm still learning to use that thing rather than putting stickers of green screen recordings.
Should we give a comment?

Alrighty then.. First of all.. That blue line we're constantly looking at, is it supposed to move intact to the music? If so, then it's very bad, and just looking at a Vrykul with blinking blue eyes isn't really that funny or interesting at all.

Then to the music. I myself, dont have anything aginst that kind of music, but it's just the same again and again, it does get very boring.

I know it's just a audio experiment, but you could still make something more out of it ^_^

Cheers, and happy new year =D

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